Sunday, January 1, 2012


        As we transition from 2011 into January 2012 it seems appropriate that we are coming to the last three of the letters to the churches in the book of Revelation. These seven letters contain both commendation and warnings to the churches past, present and future by our Lord Jesus Christ.
For instance, the church at Ephesus was commended for their discernment of false teaching, but still Jesus said, “I have this against you that you have left your first love.”
The believers at Pergamum were standing up for their faith even unto martyrdom, and yet they were tolerating those among them who were a “stumbling block to Israel” by eating meat sacrificed to idols and committing sexual immorality.
* * *
I am entering this New Year asking God to point out areas where there is more to be done in my spiritual life. I want Him to point out any blind spots that would be a stumbling block to others.
In times of stress, I want a renewal of that first love for Jesus and His children. I am also asking for His blessing on my blogs as they go out to people I will never see on this earth, but who I certainly hope to see in Heaven someday.
* * *
        Next month I will begin a journey through the Old Testament looking at the lives of real people who lived long ago and a God who is the same yesterday, today and forever. I will only scratch the surface in each book with this brief and personal focus, so I want to encourage my readers to begin a reading program that will take you much deeper into the teachings of Scripture.
        I will continue to post once a week on selected readings from each book with brief commentary, Bible quotes and a prayer of personal application. Readings will be linked to online for your convenience.
* * *
I especially want to wish a Happy New Year to those of you who have been with me on this journey through the Bible since the beginning of 2008. Once again we will begin at the beginning hoping to glean new insights and encouragement from the Holy Word of God.

Love in Christ,
Charlotte Mathis
January 1, 2012

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Vessel2BlessU said...

Thank you for allowing God to use you. May The Most High God bless you and this blog. Amen.